Cotares Limited

Mapping and Routing Services

Cotares is a private limited company specialising in mathematics and software for navigation, guidance, mapping and associated services. Founded in 2003, we offer consultancy, technology transfer and supply of services. Our clients include some of the most successful GIS, vehicle and traffic data suppliers.

Our early research included systems that helped drivers to navigate relative to routes that they had driven before.

The sense of place and of the road ahead become subliminal.

Generic techniques involving prediction and familiarity arose from this work.


Our Parking Tours provide optimal guidance at the end of a journey to find available on- or off-street spaces with the lowest cost to the driver. They use parking probabilities to minimise the expected value of factors including inconvenience, search time, walking distance and parking fees. Try them for yourself at our developer site.

Road Routing

Our scalable routing engine supports Choice Routing, historical and real-time traffic feeds, complex cost functions including fuel, many-to-many modes and is highly configurable for research through to deployment.

Our service implementatons add a variety of interfaces including redundancy and load-balancing, management reporting, and allow updates to code, traffic and maps with no perceptible degradaton.

Intermodal Routing

Our intermodal engine computes journey plans that combine private motoring and parking with scheduled public transport services.

It is designed to offer diverse routes that may include local parking or dropoff (kiss-and-ride), driving most of the way (park-and-ride), and any good intermediate options.

It is fully capable of adaptation to historical and real-time data feeds, as well as parking availability data.


Our service software can import and export points, lines and routes in a variety of formats from simple LatLon or Map links, through to Map-Independent Location References such as Agora-C.

Our geometry libraries are used by powerful optimisers to match objects to underlying mapping databases and perform complex analyses and reports.