Cotares Limited


2019-02 Test our Parking Tours at

2018-09 We were in Copenhagen for the ITS World Congress 2018.

2015-10 We were in Bordeaux for the ITS World Congress 2015.

2015-03 Trapeze publish ChoiceRail intermodal routing paper in ITS Review.

2009-12 Design and deploy the European routing engine for the MILE Consortium, providing advanced routing services for BMW drivers, using traffic data from ITIS and Journey Dynamics.

2008-01 Join with ESRI(UK), Journey Dynamics and AEcom to develop technology for Road Pricing and High-Volume map matching.

2007-07 Present CR and other technologies at Royal Institute of Navigation (see BusinessGreen article).

2006-03 Win government GRaD award to develop Choice Routing™ (CR) algorithms and applications.

2003-06 Design and install a high bandwidth radio network around Cambridge, England as part of OFCOM trial AY4463A.

2003-02 Win government Smart award to develop analysis tools for location trails, including advanced journey segmentation and prediction.